Website re-design

You're not satisfied with the appearance of your web site?

You think that the advent of new technologies makes your website out of date? Maybe your web sites are falling behind today's trends in web design. If you want to keep the same content on the website, I offer the service of partial or complete re-design of your web pages.

Different clients have different taste, or in different words "De gustibus non disputandum est". That's why a client's individual opinion is what matters. Following a current trend is also of importance. Besides the visual appearance of a web page, re-design also includes the possibility of adding new things, that were non-existing at the time, and today can be very useful. Re-design also includes new optimisation with current keywords that help search engines. Sometimes though, the change of the visual appearance with maybe only few new functions can be the solution.

Maybe you would like the option of viewing websites on smartphones and tablets. If you want to refresh or improve your existing web pages, all you have to do is contact me and together we'll find the best solution for the cheapest price. The main purpose of re-design is modernize the website not only by its appearance but also improve the functionality it offers. Sometimes, it requires making a new web page, but usually it's enough to just input some modern functions and change the design.


Učinite svoju postojeću stranicu modernom

Conversion to a responsive design

Can be very useful for clients that already have a website. If it's been more than 2 years since you made your website (or had it made), it's time to think about having it redesigned. Not only because of the visual appearance, but because of new functionalities. New technologies offer many revolutionary possibilities for You and your users.

Conversion to CMS system

It's very useful for clients already owning a website, that has no CMS built-in, especially if website maintenance includes a frequent content entry or modification.


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