Website maintenance

What maintenance requires?

Website maintenance covers the charge (after being made) of addition or modification of web page content. Usually, maintenance includes adding, removing or changing photos, video materials or texts. Upkeep is first and foremost the service of alteration and supplement of content. With maintenance, the client is required to deliver the materials necessary in a digital form (text, un-edited original photos) by e-mail, mail or in person.

Maintenance doesn't include field work. If it's absolutely necessary, the expenses for travel and time spent are part of the maintenance fees, which are always transparent and available to the client.

The changes of design and website code are not part of maintenance, just like function upgrade and installation, or upgrade or conversion to a new CMS (or similar technologies) version. If you'd like to upgrade some new possibility besides text replacement, I'll make sure to find the optimal solution for you.

Clients with CMS content management system built in their web pages, can maintain their own pages according to their wishes, without any coding or programming knowledge needed. It's very useful and profitable if the content is changed more often (text, photographs and other). To all my clients, I offer free service for content input and website maintenance with every detail.

Sometimes though, my help is necessary during maintenance, for many reasons: for example if a client has no time, or doesn't know how to optimise, cut and transfer photographs on the server, or sometimes there can be problems that require some more experience and knowledge, and that's when I can perform the maintenance service, based on the contract or your request.


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Maintaining per request

This kind of maintenance is profitable only if you have the occasional need for content change. This kind of maintenance is not present in the agreement as an obligation. The price ranges, depending on the quantity and type of changes necessary, respectively the time spent. Before any kind of maintenance, the client is put on notice, and knows the maintenance price upfront.

Regular maintenance

This type of maintenance is part of the agreement, when the web page is first made or re-designed. The agreement contains the conditions, obligations, specifics, expenses and model of maintenance. Regular maintenance is divided on monthly, quartal and yearly paiments. Regular maintenace has to last at least 6 months.


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