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Izrada web stranica za sve namjene i svačiji budžet

Web-designing includes a lot of steps and procedures, just like it requires a certain level of expertise and experience.

The first thing someone notices on your web-page is the visual appearance. The graphic part of the website is very important for the visitor's general impression. When it comes to visual appearance, I make sure that the design matches the content, accordingly to the client's wishes, that the harmony of colors is good and that the content is revised.

Applying my knowledge and experience, your page will have a good structure and navigation, and all the functions will work properly. Fast website loading is to be expected, considering the correct optimization of photos other content.

Your web page also has a contact form, that allows potential customers or clients to send you an e-mail. Besides yourself, a personal e-mail address can be used by whoever you see fit, perhaps your colleagues or family members. You can access your e-mail account anytime from anywhere. An example of your e-mail address is: yourName@yourCompany.com

As for the price range, I usually take the number of hours necessary for a single project into consideration, just like the complexity of the matter.

I make web pages on a CMS platform. CMS (Content Management System) is a system for managing content. It's a programming solution, respectively a platform for content management on websites.

The advantage of using CMS is that it eliminates or drastically reduces the expenses of managing a website. It allows you to be the one who is making changes on the web page (adding, changing or deleting content). Web page editing doesn't require any programming (like PHP, ASPNET, JavaScript) or coding (HTML, CSS) knowledge.


U radu najviše koristim CMS Joomla


CMS content management system with an open code (Downloadable for free at http://www.joomla.org). It is written in the programming language "PHP" and uses MySQL database for content storage. Joomla is the ideal platform for the medium and more demanding web pages development. It is an adaptable CMC system for many different needs andcan be expanded.


CMS system for content with open code management (which can be downloaded for free at http://wordpress.org). It's popular because of simple installation and update process, simple content addition and maintenance. It was originally intended as a simple way of setting up a blog. With expansions, it can be used to make less demanding web pages.


Facebook page is one of Facebook's option, and it's very useful for the your company promotion, association or businness activity. The remaining two options are Facebook profile and group. Facebook profile is mainly used by common people and has a limitation of 5000 friends. Groups are formed by specific themes and they are not visible in the search engine. Because of those flaws, companies and associations usually have a Facebook page which is useful for a self-promotion, whereas natural persons have a profile.


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