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Ivan Lijović

My name is Ivan Lijovic and I live in Spisic Bukovica, Croatia. As a freelancer, I work in the field of web-design, programming and coding.

Unlike specialized firms, I am not time restricted since I work from home, meaning I can fully dedicate myself to qualitatively and successfully fulfilling my client's wishes for his web-site. I approach each client and/or project individually. I complete my job according to a copyright or service contract, depending on the type of project.

I work by those contracts, because I'm currently privileged with a civil disability pension.

Nastojim da moj klijent dobije vrijednost za novac. Odnosno da je cijena usluge adekvatna uloženom trudu, vremenu i kvaliteti usluge. Moj pristup klijentu je otvoren, pošten i profesionalan.

Biti u fokusu zanimanja za izradu i redizajn web stranica. Smatram da sam idealan partner za vlasnike malih i srednjih tvrtki. Isto tako i za obiteljska gospodarstva, razne organizacije i udruge.


Tehnologije koje koristim u svom radu

I love IT technology, especially when it comes to web-design and programming. I strive to become a successful front-end developer. I have a lot of experience in different technologies. I am very fluent in both HTML and CSS languages and I know how to use a lot of tool necessary for web programming. In the proccess of web page designing I use platforms and programs with an open code. Most of my web-pages are made in CMS-Joomla. Also, on these platforms I use unique templates.

Regarding the programming, I get along with some client's (JavaScript) and server's (PHP) programming languages. Part of my programming knowledge are also databases (MySQL). I always endeavor to be trendy, by learning and applying new technologies.



Puno mi pomažu članovi uže obitelji

Tihana Lijovich
Tihana Lijovichdaughter
Master of Economics, she is taking care of sales and marketing and helps me with English translation.
Ivana Lijovich
Ivana Lijovichdaughter
Bachelor in economy, communicative and full of creative ideas. Also helps with web-design and translation.
Gordana Lijovich
Gordana Lijovichwife
economist, absorbs all frustrations and an irreplaceable supporter. She is my financial advisor.
Cat Missa
Cat Missamascot
very cuddly and disobedient, helps with excessive stress resolution and sometimes acontributor.


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